Great News!

We have some great news to share with you! A new scholarship program has been created, which will provide greater access to education for the court dependent children of Ventura County. This initiative has been a concept in design since we were blessed with the adoption of Brendan in 2006. We are very excited to see this wonderful program finally come to fruition! The first awards are expected to take place in June/July of 2016 – we have a lot to accomplish in a short time!

The Children’s Services Auxiliary of Ventura County (CSAVC) has graciously allowed Fostering the Future a means of awarding scholarships to the court dependent children of Ventura County through their non-profit organization. The scholarships are for those seeking college, trade, and vocational education after high school or GED completion. The program will also offer leadership, communication, and self-awareness education to children during their formidable pre-teen and early teen years as funding permits.

You are receiving this e-mail as someone important in our lives for whom we want to share this meaningful event. In addition to reaching perspective donors, we’re focused on creating awareness of the needs Fostering the Future supports within the community. We have developed a Facebook page, Instagram account (fostering.the.future), and web-site ( where you will be able to get more information and follow the endeavor. All of these are currently under construction, but will be updated and more formalized in the next 30 days or so. The CSAVC is also in the process of incorporating and highlighting the scholarship program within their newsletter and website.

More to come…………


Mark, Donna, Baylee, Corrin and Brendan

The Fostering the Future Family

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