Brendan Acosta Scholarship

Many children within the Foster care community strive for, desire, and have the aptitude for furthering their education, but may lack the financial ability to pursue their desired path. Fostering the Future recognizes this need and awards scholarships to those seeking to continue their education. The scholarship program is in its inaugural year and is funded by private parties and local businesses.

Fostering the Future is working alongside the Children’s Services Auxiliary (CSA) to administer the Brendan Acosta Scholarship. The Children’s Services Auxiliary, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1983, is a volunteer run organization whose mission is to meet the needs of Ventura County’s court-dependent children.

This scholarship, new for 2016, was started by Mark Acosta from PennyMac. A long-time supporter and volunteer with CSA. He wanted a way to honor his son and chose to do it through creating this scholarship fund in his name. Brendan Acosta was adopted through Ventura County Foster Care in 2006.  While still young in age, he is very mature in his love for people and their education. Fostering the Future was created to show his gratitude and that of his family for the resources and effort expended in affording him a bright future.

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