Program Overview

Many children within the foster care community strive for, desire, and have the aptitude for furthering their education, but may lack the financial ability to pursue their desired path. Fostering the Future recognizes this need and awards scholarships to those seeking college, trade, and vocational education after high school or GED completion. The program will also offer leadership, communication, and self- awareness education to children during their formidable pre-teen and early teen years as funding permits. The scholarship program is entering its inaugural year and will be funded by private parties and local businesses. One hundred percent (100%) of the donations will be awarded to selected individuals who meet the eligibility requirements; the donated funds will be administered through the Children’s Services Auxiliary of Ventura County. The recipients will be selected by the Award Screening Committee based on their scholarship application.

Brendan Acosta was adopted through Ventura County Foster Care in 2006. While still young in age, he is very mature in his love for people and their education. Fostering the Future was created to show his gratitude and that of his family for the resources and effort expended in affording him a bright future.


Foster the intellectual growth of our children so they may come to achieve a self-sustaining, moral, and ethical future.


Scholarships are for Court Dependent graduating high school students or GED equivalent, who are applying to at least one of the following: Vocational/Trade School, Community College, 4-year College and/or applying to the Military. Applicants must submit proof of school registration or an acceptance letter from one of the aforementioned. Each year in June, applications are reviewed by a screening committee to determine which applicants will be selected and how much of a scholarship each individual will receive.

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